Cody Smith and the Algorithm of Wisdom

Cody Smith and the Algorithm of Wisdom

With the boom of GPT-4, I asked this AI how a story would be in the style of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" but changing "things" to make introduce children to the programming world. Here is the result:

Cody Smith is an orphan who lives in a small apartment with his mean aunt Jenna, uncle Bob, and cousin Zack. He is often mistreated by them and has no friends at school. He loves computers and dreams of becoming a programmer someday.

One day, he receives a mysterious email from an unknown sender, inviting him to join the Code Academy, a prestigious online school for young coders. He is shocked and curious, but before he can reply, his uncle Bob deletes the email and forbids him from using the computer. The next day, more emails arrive for Cody, but his uncle Bob blocks them all. He decides to take Cody and his family to a remote cabin in the woods, hoping to escape from the emails.

However, on Cody’s 11th birthday, a huge drone flies over the cabin and drops a package for him. Inside is a laptop with a webcam that shows a friendly face of a man named Mr. Hacker, who introduces himself as Cody’s mentor at Code Academy.

Mr. Hacker explains that Cody is a coder, someone who can create amazing computer programs using logic and creativity. He also tells him that he has been accepted at Code Academy, where he will learn various computer languages and skills. Cody is thrilled and excited, but his uncle Bob tries to stop him from going. Mr. Hacker then hacks into Bob’s bank account and threatens to drain it unless he lets Cody go. Bob reluctantly agrees, and Mr. Hacker sends another drone to pick up Cody and take him to the nearest airport.

There, Cody meets two other computer kids who are also going to Code Academy: Ruby Grant, a cheerful girl from a large family of coders; Java West, a smart boy who knows everything about computer theory but lacks practical experience. They board a plane that takes them to an island where Code Academy is located. The island is hidden from the rest of the world by advanced technology.

Upon arrival at the school, they are greeted by Professor Ada Lovelace, the headmistress of Code Academy. She explains that there are four houses at Code Academy: Python (for creative coders), C++ (for fast coders), Java (for logical coders), and Ruby (for friendly coders). She also warns them about the Algorithm of Wisdom (AOW), an ancient program that contains all the secrets of coding history and power.

The AOW is stored in a secure vault under the school’s main server room. Codey learns that Lord Virus wants AOW because it contains code for creating artificial intelligence which could give him control over all computers & devices. He decides to stop him with Ruby and Java.